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Sleepy Bear
  • Sleepy Bear


    These are "Sleepy Bears" and are made by my little sister Kate!

    She has created these cuddly friends that are themed by popular characters. 

    Current styles (as seen in the photos) include the following: Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, Chip, Dale, Nemo, Dory, Snow White, Ariel, Orange Bird, Figment, WallE, Eva, Mike, Sully, Eeyore, Pooh Bear, Chesire Cat, Sadness, and a Leprechaun.


    If you have a request for a special friend she would love to help, send it over and she will see what she can make! If you would like to see clearer pictures let me know! 

    • The Sleepy Bear Story

      "I am Kate and I’m fourteen years old! I love to sew and love Disney characters! My favorite thing to sew is a sleepy bear. A sleepy bear is a small stuffed animal that is very snuggly! They look like they are asleep but they are always there for you when you need a best friend. I make every bear with lots of love, each has a felt heart that I cut out inside. When I made friends with the Disney Junior characters I made them their own sleepy bears! I want to give out bears to more characters but they’ve stopped meeting for now. With the money I make from these sleepy bears I am using it to buy more supplies so I can make bears to give to the characters when they are able to meet again!

      Thank you for giving one of my special friends a new home!" 


      -This is Kate's story she wrote herself! She is a special and caring girl! I'm happy to share something fun like this with you!

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