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  • Turnaround Time
    In the shop there are 3 types of items: Ready to ship, preorder, and custom made. Ready to ship will be shipped out in 3-10 business days. Preorder items are an already planned design or in progress item. They will typically be shipped in 10-15 business days. Custom made items are your ideas turned into a beautiful design. Timeframe varies based on the item. Contact me for current timeframe!
  • Custom or Personalized Orders
    If you desire a custom and or personalized order please reach out. I am willing to work with you to come up with something magical. I will only paint things that I am comfortable with but I aim to please others. There may be an extra fee for personalization on an already finished product although I am happy to do it! The prices for custom orders will vary on many levels simply depending on complexity, size, time spent, supplies, etc. If you have any additional questions send me a message!!
  • Returns or Exchanges
    Each piece of artwork is handmade and special. There are no two items exactly alike. That being said I don't accept returns, exchanges, or cancellations because of the unique quality they possess. Please contact me if you have any problems with your order or any questions so I may assist however possible!
  • What sizes do the bags come in?
    I have many different sized bags to better fit ones needs. In the product description there are dimensions to help you visualize the size better. Reach out if there are any additional questions.
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