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Group C Ear & Popcorn Pals
  • Group C Ear & Popcorn Pals


    Ear & Popcorn Pals are a special new product created for handiness while out and about!

    Hold not only your ears but also your popcorn bucket, hats, or even shopping bags! It is the perfect size and can loop around to help hold everything making a day out a breeze, it's like having an extra set of hands!

    • Additonal Information

      Made with high quality ribbon and nylon webbing backing.

      The length may vary slightly but all Ear & Popcorn Pals will be able to hold an item such as a popcorn bucket at the bottom as well as another item such as ears on top.

    • Selections

      • Select which of the above styles you would like.
      • If there is a color listed beside the number option that is the color webbing backing the item will be sewn onto.
      • All items listed above are ready to ship!
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