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Dragon Light Parade Bottle Holder
  • Dragon Light Parade Bottle Holder


    In thousands of spectacular lights, and electro-syntho-magnetic magical sounds!

    Need a cute and handy way to hold your water bottle?  Easily hook a disposable water bottle by stretching the ring over the top of your bottle then hook onto your bag or belt with a carabiner for easy access!

    Stay hydrated in style!

    Also perfect for holding masks, functions as a double keychain, and is a great multipurpose tool!


    -Characters are made based on inspiration of films. They are not official nor intented to infringe on any copyrights.-

    • Sizing

      Vinyl embroidered design. Has two snaps, one on top and one on the bottom.

      Tested and works best with name brand water bottles- like Dasani, the bottles you'll find in the parks!

      If you have any questions about style/design or anything else feel free to reach out!

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