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Avenges Water Bottle Holder
  • Avenges Water Bottle Holder


    Avengers Assemble!

    Need a super way to hold your water bottle? No need to call for help, you can use this handy tool and support your favorite superhero team all at the same time! Easily hook a disposable water bottle by stretching the ring over the top of your bottle then hook onto your bag or belt with a carabiner for easy access!    Stay hydrated in style!


    Also perfect for holding masks, functions as a double keychain, and is a great multipurpose tool!


    -Characters are made based on inspiration of films. They are not official nor intented to infringe on any copyrights.-

    • Sizing

      Vinyl embroidered design. Has two snaps, one on top and one on the bottom.

      Tested and works best with name brand water bottles- like Dasani, the bottles you'll find in the parks!

      If you have any questions about style/design or anything else feel free to reach out!

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