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Assorted 2

Assorted 2



  • Key Fobs

    Key Fobs are the perfect addition to your keyring. They help to keep your keys from getting lost as easily! They make a great gift and showcase some of your favorite characters! Each Key Fob comes with a Mickey shaped key ring attached! They are about 5.5 inches long.

  • Lanyards

    Lanyards are perfect for pin trading and are a great accessory! They come with a swivel hook end. The total length of the lanyard is 36 inches. You can measure how long this is around your neck with a measuring tape! If you need longer or shorter sizing please reach out!

  • Ear Pals

    Ear Pals are great to free up your hands and give your head a break from your ears! Keep you ears safe and leave more room inside your bag for other souvenirs! 

                Ear Pals hold one pair of ears. They hook onto any bag with a regular keyring and have a snap to hold your ears in safe! Double and triple Ear Pals are also available in case you like to carry more than one pair of ears along on you adventure!

  • Additional Information

    The webbing backing and the snap will be chosen to compliment the colors of the full design! If you have a preference feel free to reach out!

  • Ear & Popcorn Pal!

    -Special new item showcased at the Celebration fair!-

    Hold not only your ears but also your popcorn bucket, hats, or even shopping bags! It is the perfect size and can loop around to help hold everything making a day out a breeze, it's like having an extra set of hands!

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