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This website is now officially up and running! How exciting! After you've worked towards something for so long it starts to seem never ending but here we are! There are lots of super cool things on the way but one step at a time!

So welcome to A Dream Is A Wish Your Art Makes! My name is Sarah. I am that messy artist girl that is always humming something under her breath. I love the sun and the freckles I get from the summer time. I love simplicity. I love the magic and peace I get from creating. There are so many wonderful things in this world.

This is where I am going to post some behind the scenes views and sneak peaks of what's to come. Subscribe to follow along on this adventure with me!

I have done many different types of art and there are many things that I have never shared so keep an eye out ;). The shoes in the picture above were inspired by Peter Pan. I worked for a long time to illuminate certain qualities while keeping others simple shadows. It was a blast! I of course added pixie dust and sparkles before sending it off to it's new home.

Above is a sketch of the Epcot Center ball that I did during lunch. This was around the time I finally decided to start an Instagram account so that one day I could get to this point where I am today! It's been close to 3 years and it makes me happy to see my progress over the years.

I want to wrap up by saying that I am grateful to each and every one of you for support and the time you've given to me even if you have only left a single comment. Thank you for helping my follow my dreams.

-Sarah Henson

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