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I've always had art in my heart since I was very little. That is where my shop name came from. "A Dream Is A Wish Your Art Makes" is a play on words from the song "A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes" from Cinderella. My dream has always been to pursue art through thick and thin. I loved to color and make things brighter in any way I could! Lets just say that when I was young the walls looked rather dull and my mom did not particularly appreciate my addition. I am incredibly blessed with a loving and supportive family and friends who have helped me through every step along the way, especially my mom and dad. That being said I've also had a lot of trials in my life that have grown me to where I am now. I am not a very good communicator and that is where art has especially come into my life. When all else fails I still have a pencil and a paintbrush. I can show my emotions through color and scenery, characters and thoughts. When things don't quite come out in words, I can draw them out in pictures to help find a way to convey those words. I am so grateful for this opportunity to share my art with you. I hope that in some way it may touch you and your heart as it always has for mine. I appreciate the support and love talking about my pieces if you ever have any questions!! Please enjoy!



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